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END HomelessNESS



Is to end homelessness in the La Crosse area. Francis Homes consider families’ individual needs to connect them to a fitting home and a case manager to provide them with a service plan for success.

Take a

Francis Homes connects families, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, to safe, affordable, quality housing. The process is as follows:

  • One of our partner nonprofit organizations identifies a family that is experiencing housing  insecurity but has the potential and motivation for success in maintaining housing.

  • Francis Homes volunteers consider the family’s needs in order to connect them to a home.

  • Francis Homes volunteers meet the family and may connect the family to an investor owner participating in the program and an appropriate home.  The family signs a lease and moves in. The family and their caseworker identify what obstacles exist for them currently and create a service plan to overcome those obstacles.

  • The family meets regularly with a caseworker from the partner nonprofit to work toward success on identified goals.

  •  As a result of stable housing and the expertise of the caseworker, the family is able to move beyond their crisis to stability and success.

the issue

In the La Crosse area, an estimated 200 youth are without a permanent home each year. Stress resulting from major trauma such as homelessness can weaken the developing brain and lead to lifelong problems. The impact of homelessness on children often leads to chronic stress and trauma from frequent moves, inconsistent relationships, lack of places to play, and witnessing domestic violence and substance abuse. Francis Homes seeks to provide a home to every family in our community who would otherwise be homeless.

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